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What characteristics is Isostatic pressing ceramic tube

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 What characteristics is Isostatic pressing ceramic tube 

 Ceramic tube  is the preferred wear resistant material in the industrial production of wear resistant pipeline, but its production process is more complicated , abrasion resistant ceramic tube is made with isostatic pressing machine.which can produce ceramic pipe with large diameter, Long working life 

The operation for isostatic pressing equipment as follows:

First prepared the alumina ceramic powder, than put the billets filled the steel mold, placed in a high pressure vessel, after sealed,inject the high pressure liquid medium, the pressure is transmitted to the mold to the blank pressure. The pressure is then released to remove the mold and the molded blank is removed from the mold.

The liquid medium can be water, oil or glycerol. However, the choice should be less compressible medium is appropriate, such as brake oil or anhydrous glycerin. Mold materials should be good oil resistance or similar plastic

Aluminum oxide ceramic tube made by isostatic pressing method has the following characteristics:

Ceramic tube can be formed and produced in the shape of complex, large and thin and long products, and high-quality molding can not increase the operational difficulty and more convenient to mention molding pressure, and the pressure effect than other dry pressing method.

As the blank body is supported by the uniform pressure, so the density of ceramic tube is large and uniform, small firing shrinkage, and therefore not easy to deform. Mold making convenience, long life, low cost. Can use less or no adhesive.Chemshun ceramics company mainly offer kinds of abrasion resistant alumina ceramic tube pipe for mining,cement,port,power generation industry.

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