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How to Solve the Wear Problem of Power Plant Conveying Coal Powder

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The pulverized coal system of the power plant includes three parts: raw material, pulverized coal and pulverized coal. The pipeline for conveying pulverized coal runs every day.  It will not take long for the general metal composite pipeline to be worn through, resulting in powder leakage and affecting the normal operation of the power plant.

We suggest the use of wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe, wear-resistant ceramic liner or ceramic pipe attached to the inner wall of the pipe, to form a strong wear-resistant layer, to resist the erosion and wear of coal powder.

Because of the high wear resistance of wear-resistant ceramics, its Rockwell hardness is greater than 82HRA, Mohs hardness has reached grade 9, wear resistance is more than 10 times of high chromium cast iron material. And alumina ceramics have excellent corrosion resistance, can transport strong acid, alkali and other corrosive substances, can be widely used in chemical, metallurgy, steel, cement and other industries.

Alumina ceramic composite pipe can effectively solve the problem of wear in power plant, prolong the service life of equipment more than 5 years, and ensure the safe operation of coal powder system in power plant.



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