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Dust removal pipe wear protection measures

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Dust removal pipe wear protection measures


Dust removal pipeline is widely used in cement plant, steel plant and power generation plant. Wear damage of dust removal pipeline is common phenomenon,which mainly occurs in the local profile construction of the pipeline, such as elbows, tees and other parts. The straight pipe wear is relatively weak, often appearing at the bottom of the pipe, but when there is dust accumulation, the wear appears in the upper part of the pipe.


Wear will cause the system to leak air, affect the dust source control effect, the function of the bad dust removal system, and even cause the system to smash,Therefore, the hazards and prevention of pipeline wear must be given high priority. The popular way to avoid pipe wear damage is by abrasion resistant linings.


Chemshun Ceramics is well known wear resistant ceramic supplier and manufacturer, typical ceramic liner for pipeline include alumina pipe tile liner and ceramic tube.


1) Alumina pipe tile linersteel pipeline lined pipe tile liner is much cost effective. Chemshun ceramics can supply trapezoidal tile and curved pipe tile .


2) Ceramic tube pipe : steel pipe lined with alumina ceramic tubes or bends with dia 100~300mm, length 100~500mm, which is easy to fix and few gaps.


At the same time. Other abrasion resistant linings for pipeline are also can be offered like ceramic mosaic tiles and inter-lock tiles. Pre-fabrecated ceramic lined pipeline can be designed and installed by chemshun ceramics engineered department.

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