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Alaska looks to China for pipeline development

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Alaska looks to China for pipeline development

Alaska Governor Bill Walker signed the agreement with Sinopec, Bank of China and China Investment Corp. to advance a natural gas pipeline project. There's no guarantee a pipeline will be built, but the agreement has given new life to a project Alaskans have wanted for decades to offset declining oil production from the North Slope.

Industrial pipeline all need corrosion and abrasion resistance protection.any leakage during pipeline convey will cause serious material perfect Acid and alkali protection in pipeline is needed by alumina ceramic tube pipe .

China Industrial ceramics manufacturer(Chemshun Ceramics Company )mainly offer alumina ceramic wear resistant linings for conveying system. ceramic tube pipe liner is best seller for Chemshun Ceramics.kinds of materials like : aluminium oxide ceramics, rubber ceramic hose, silicon carbide pipe.different dimension can be supplied by standard sizes or custom designed.

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