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Belt conveyor chute anti-wear measures

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Belt conveyor chute anti-wear measures


The belt conveyor is an efficient continuous equipment that delivers long distances. It is the most widely used in industrial and mining enterprise storage systems. It is an essential production equipment. The equipment mainly includes driven roller, chute, counterweight and so on. The belt conveyor chute is very worn during use, which affects the continuous production characteristics of the belt conveyor and consumes a lot of cost.


The belt conveyor chute is constructed as a chute below the belt conveyor head wheel, which is the active drum. As shown in (Figure 1). When the material falls from the head wheel with rapid parabola movement, the material directly hits the chute, and the material jumps off and then slides down the chute to the next process. During this process, the material causes wear on the bottom surface, the two fa?ades, and the top surface of the chute. According to the situation of the scene, the falling height of the material is not the same, and the degree of scattering is different, so different methods are needed to solve the chute wear. chemshun ceramics manufacture suggest abrasion resistant ceramics for wear solution


1. Lay the abrasion resistant ceramic on the inner wall of the chute. Like alumina plain tile , rubber ceramic wear liner etc. This method has a small footprint and is suitable for implementation in chutes with narrow working conditions.

2. Vulcanizing alumina ceramic mosaic tile ceramics in pulley lagging , like square ceramic tile with dimples, which can improve the working property of driven roller greatly .


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