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Application of 99.7% alumina ceramic disc in CMP equipment

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Chemical-Mechanical Planarization(CMP), also known as Chemical-Mechanical Polishing, it is a technology in the manufacturing process of semiconductor devices. It uses chemical corrosion and mechanical forces to flatter silicon wafers or other substrate materials during processing.

CMP equipment is mainly divided into two parts: polishing part and cleaning part. The polishing part consists of 4 parts, namely 3 polishing turntables and a wafer loading and unloading module. The cleaning part is responsible for the cleaning and drying of the wafer to achieve the "dry in and dry out" of the wafer. In the entire polishing equipment, alumina ceramics play an important role.

At present, the use of alumina ceramic grinding disc grinding semiconductor wafers is the most advanced grinding method. The double-sided grinding process is used to grind the cut wafer, and the quality of the grinding wafer is improved by improving the grinding process (disk material, grinding fluid, grinding pressure and grinding speed, etc.). In addition, the use of alumina ceramic disk instead of cast iron disk, can avoid grinding on the surface of the wafer caused by scars or pollution, reduce the introduction of metal ions, can reduce the amount of subsequent processing of the wafer, shorten the subsequent process (corrosion) time, improve production efficiency, and reduce the loss of wafer processing, greatly improve the utilization of the wafer.

Alumina ceramics are usually used to prepare wafer polishing discs, which require high purity, high chemical durability, and good control of surface shape and roughness.

Chemshun 99.7% Al2O3 ceramic grinding disc is made of advanced ceramic materials, which is suitable for fine grinding of various materials, especially for grinding of brittle materials such as wafers, ceramics and glass. Our ceramic grinding disc can be made into different sizes according to different grinding and polishing models.
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