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Advantages of Chemshun ceramic roller lagging

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Anti-skid: The ceramic surface has uniform spherical protrusions, and the friction coefficient is three times that of traditional rubber lagging. Thousands of protrusions can generate positive traction when the back of the conveyor belt passes, preventing the conveyor belt from slipping and deflecting, and improving conveying efficiency. .


Preventing deviation: The main reason for traditional belt deviation is the wear of the rubber cover and the accumulation of material. The surface of the rubber coating of our ceramic roller has almost no wear, and the materials that occasionally enter will be discharged through the groove, so there will be no problem of material accumulation:


Protect the belt: The design of raised points without edges and corners will not cause the problem of wear on the conveyor belt caused by the sharp edges of raised particles common in other ceramic coatings: there is no relative sliding between the roller and the belt. It further protects the belt from wear; it can reduce the tension of the belt and extend the life of the belt under the same load:


No material accumulates on the surface: Each ceramic rubber plate has a groove built at a certain distance, which allows foreign matter (dust, soil) on the drum to be discharged along the groove, giving the drum a unique self-cleaning function, especially suitable for wet work. environment;


Long service life: the service life is more than 5 times that of ordinary rubber rollers;


Easily cope with harsh working conditions: In harsh conditions such as slippery, muddy, long-distance transportation, etc., ceramic roller lagging has even more outstanding performance;


Impact resistance: The elasticity of the underlying rubber can provide good impact resistance:


Quick and easy installation: There is no need to remove the roller from the conveyor, which reduces the cost of disassembly, installation and transportation of the roller, saves time, and reduces labor intensity and safety hazards for workers. At the same time, it also eliminates the loss of the belt conveyor and other parts when disassembling and assembling the drum.

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