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Abrasive ceramics installation construction

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             Chemshun Ceramic Tile Installation 

                                     -----By Epoxy Resin Glue 

1: Preparation Before Installation 

1) Access to work site  

  --Make sure that there is good and safe working facilities on the work site

  --Use scaffolding,temporary platforms to ensure comfortable working position

2) Tools:

  --Standard epoxy resin glun gun if glue water by branch bottle

  --Several shovels

  --Damond cutting discs for wet cutting

  --Ceramic cutting table saw with water cooling

2: Preparation of surface

1) Inspection 

  --Make certain that the equipment substrate is in a good condition

  --Make sure that poor quality steel parts have been repaired or replaced

2) Cleaning 

  --Clean the rust, grease sticked on the equipment surface by polishing or blasting, then finally wash it with detergent

Pingxiang  chemshun glue water  chemshun wear resistant tile liner.jpg

3: Installation on the equipment

1) Glue preparation : First preheat the package glue in the 45 degree,according to the glue A & glue B usage proportion, mix and Stir evenly   2) Apply Glue: doub the glue in the equipment surface, and then close ceramics tiles on the glue water,finally tap it again with a rubber hammer from middle to all around and let the air run away .

3) Glue solidification: different solification hours for different glue water in different outdoor or room temperature.

Remarks: keep the Epoxy resin bottle closed if some glue left in order to avoid glue water polluted. 

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