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Abrasion resistant pipe materials sytle from pipe supplier.

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Abrasion resistant pipe materials sytle from pipe supplier.

Now More and more industrial professionals realize environment protection during industry production is more and more inportant. oil,gas or other liquid pipeline often suffer from corrosion and abrasion wear damage after long-time corrosion and wear protection is necessary for pipeline, any small leakage will bring local environment pullution. Chemshun Ceramics Company is?ceramic tube ?supplier,pleasure to introduce corrosion and abrasion resistant pipeline materials for end users .

Ceramic wear resistant tube lining material introduced like following four categories:

1: High temperature alumina ceramic pipe tile is lined in the inner wall of steel pipe, Chemshun ceramic pipe tile include trapezoidal tile, inter-lock tile,curved locking tile.these alumina tiles could be connected tightly by it's groove and lock.which is much economic effective compared with other abrasion resistant pipe materials .and suggest to use pipe tile in the working temperature below 200 centi-degree.

2: Sintered?ceramic tube?lined pipeline.90 degree ceramic pipe elbow from Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer is much popular.which has advantages of no bloking material.smooth surface,little gap between ceramic sleeve. surely the cost is rather more than ceramic pipe tile. and production cycle is usually 30days .

3: ceramic coating pipe,ceramic coating is sprayed in steel pipe wall, this program is generally used for corrosive liquid transport pipeline, but is not high temperature resistant, such as desulfurization system

4: Self-propagating?ceramic tube?is centrifugal composite pipe, with the thickness 4mm, the wear-resistant layer is not a true sense of the ceramic, so its wear resistance is general, equivalent to 2 times the life of ordinary steel .


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