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Product Name:Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Coating

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      abrasion resistant coating is one of wear resistant materials , much different from alumina ceramic lining tile , it is directly smeared in the equipment surface.
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    Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Coating

    abrasion resistant ceramic coating is one of wear resistant materials,it is directly smeared in the equipment surface.

    1: Product Introduction:

    CHEMSHUN 228 abrasion resistant coating is a kind of high-performance wear resistant polymerized ceramic materials, it is aggregated materials of abrasion resistant metal, ceramic, carbides, quartz and modified toughened resin 

    2: Application:

    Applied in particle abrasion equipment like pump , pipeline , bend pipe for wear damage area protection or repair .

    3: Property Index 

    Item Index
    Weight Ratio(A:B)8:01
    Volume Ratio(A:B)5:01
    Operation time(200g,min)30~60
    Full Curing time(h)24
    Hardness after curing (Shore D)GB/T2411-198089
    Compressive strength (Mpa) GB/T1041-199292
    Tensile strength (Mpa) GB/T6329-199625.4
    Shear strength (Mpa) GB/T7124-198615.2
    Operation temperature-60~150

    Marks: Test parameter is based on lab temperature 23±2℃,relative humidity 50±5%. Because of different operation environment, we suggest end users to make pretest according to actual situation .

    4: Method of application:

    1). Surface treatment: Remove the oil, rust, dust on the surface by polish or sandblast , and finally wash it with detergent. 

    2). Mixing adhesive  Mix two group material uniformly until color is same .

    3). Sizing:  the mixed adhesive coating is uniformly applied to the surface and reaches a certain thickness of the shield.

    4). Curing: fully cured at room temperature within 24hours, or room temperature heated 1h + 80 ℃ incubated 2h completely cured

    5、 Attentions:

    1. When the temperature is below 15 ℃, take appropriate measure of heating, otherwise should be extended curing time.

    2. When the ambient temperature is high or when a large amount of adhesive mixed ,operation time will be shortened.

    3.This product is kept in cool, dry environment, sealed storage, shelf life of 2 years; as non-dangerous goods transport.

    4. This product is non-dangerous goods, but donn’t entry the eye and mouth, avoid prolonged direct contact with the body.

    Abrasion resistant ceramic coating

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