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Chemshun Ceramics

Research Institute Certificate.

Research Institute of Wear-Resistant Materials Certificate.

Pingxiang Chemshun Co,.Ltd is affirmed to be one of the R&D Bases of the National Experiment and Research Institute of Wear-Resistant Materials for Electric Power Industry on 18th March 2016. And the chairmanof Chemshun Ceramics Mister Zhong Shengbo is appointed as the head

Chemshun Ceramics is dedicating to engage the studies of discovering new wear-resistant composite materials and inventing advanced technology, which could effectively save energy, reduce emission, lower consumption and further develop the green economy, 

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ADD:Non-metal area of shangliuyuan, Economic development zone, pingxiang city, Jiangxi province, P.R.China

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  • TEL:+86-799-6790781
  • FAX:+86-799-6790785 Postcode:337000
  • Non-metal area of shangliuyuan, Economic developmentzone, pingxiang city, Jiangxi province, P.R.China.
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