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What sizes of ceramic chute liner from Chemshun Ceramics.

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Mining equipments have lower working life time due to heavy abrasion and impact shock from big sizes materials.typical machines include chute,cyclone,feeder,bunker etc.using alumina ceramic chute liner can effectively prolong working time of chute.which at least prolong life time 5 time longer than original chute.

Chemshun Ceramics Company is wear resistant alumina ceramic liner manufacturer with ISO 9001,ISO14000,ISO18000.mainly produce abrasion resistant ceramic tile, ceramic pipe tube,rubber ceramic wear liner,hex tile mat etc. which is widely used power generation plant,port ,mining and mineral,cememet,steel plant etc.

Ceramic chute liner sizes and thickness are chosen according to different operation material particle,hardness,drop height,working temperature.ceramic chute liner sizes from Chemshun Ceramics including :

>> Ceramic plain or welded sheet :

Sizes 1: 150*100*30mm  Sizes 2: 100*100*30mm  Sizes 3:  100*50*25mm

>> Rubber ceramic wear liner:

Sizes 1: 500*500*37mm   Sizes 2: 300*300*30mm

Chemshun Ceramics company can offer more standard ceramic chute liner sizes and custom ceramic tile sizes available .

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