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Product Name:Wear Resistant Linings

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      High alumina ceramic welded tile with hole provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance for industrial friction equipment. frequently-used as wear liner for hopper, cyclone , Chute ,separator, bunker, impellers and agitators, fan blades and fan casings, chain conveyors, mixers ect,
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    Wear Resistant  Linings

    Chemshun Alumina ceramics as  wear resistant  lining for protecting material handling system equipment from abrasion damage.

    Product description:

    High alumina ceramic welded tile with hole provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance for industrial friction equipment. Alumina tile frequently-used as wear liner for hopper, cyclone , Chute ,separator, bunker, impellers and agitators, fan blades and fan casings, chain conveyors, mixers ect, it is easily weld installation to machine no matter extremely high or low temperature working environment, also best wear resistant choice for dynamic operation equipment.

    Chemshun Ceramic Product Salient Property:

    >  Excellent wear and abrasion protection property
    >  Lower production and maintenance cost
    >  Excellent corrosion resistance property
    >  Excellent impact resistance property
    >  Excellent heat resistance property
    >  Easy to handle size and weight
    >  Fast and safe installation

    Chemshun Ceramic Advantage:
    >  Afford the standard and pre-engineered tiles
    >  Professional technical team to afford CAD designs
    >  Professional installation team to afford install service
    >  Well established process as per international standards

    Chemshun Aluminum oxide ceramic pipe tile liner     chemshun alumina ceramic welded tile liner

    Welded alumina ceramic lining tile  trapezoidal alumina tile linings

    Technical parameters:

    Technical Data of Alumina ceramic product from Chemshun
    PropertiesUnitTypical Value
    Alumina Content%9295
    Water Absorption%NoneNone
    Rockwell HardnessHRA8085~88
    Compressive Strength20ºC,Mpa850950~1000
    Flexural Strength20ºC,Mpa280300
    Max Using TempºC12501250
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient1x10-6/ºC7.38.3
    Application Industry from Chemshun
    IndustryEquipment SystemEquipment parts
    CementPre-blending system for crashing limestone and crude fuel

    Chute,Bunker,Pulley lagging

    ,discharge cone

    Raw mill system

    Feed chute,Retaining ring,

    Scraper plate,Seal ring,

    Pipeline,Bucket guard,Cyclone,

    Powder concentrator body,Bunker

    Cement mill system

    Chute,Bunker,Fan vane wheel,

    Fan casing,Cyclone,Circular duct,


    Ball mill system

    Pulverizer exhauster's body and 

    vane wheel,Powder concentrator's

    body,Pulverized coal's pipeline,

    Hot air duct

    Sintering system

    Inlet/Outlet bend,Wind value plate

    ,Cyclone,Chute,Dust collector's pipe

    Afterheat systemSeparator's pipeline and wall
    SteelRaw material feeding systemHopper,Silo
    Batching system

    Mixing bunker,Mixing barrel

    ,Mixing disk,Disk pelletizer

    Sintered material transport systemHopper,Silo
    Dedusting and Ash discharge systemDedusting pipeline,Bend,Y-piece
    Coking systemCoke hopper
    Medium-speed mill

    Cone,Separation buffles,Outlet pipe

    ,Pulverized coal's pipeline,Burner cone

    Ball mill

    Classifier,Cyclone separator,Bend

    ,Powder concentrator's Inner shell

    Thermal powerCoal handling system

    Bucket wheel machine,Coal Hopper

    ,Coal Feeder,Orifice

    Ball mill system

    Separator's pipe,elbow and cone

    ,Coal mill's elbow and straight tube

    Medium-speed mill

    Coal mill body,Separation buffles


    Fall millPulverized coal's Pipeline and Elbow
    Dedusting systemDedusting's Pipeline and Elbow
    Ash discharge systemFan duster's shell,Pipeline
    PortTransporting material system

    Bucket wheel machine's disk and hopper,Transfer point's hopper,Unloader's hopper,

    SmeltingTransporting material system

    Measuring hopper,Coke hopper

    ,Vibrating screen's chute,Head valve,

    Intermediate Bin,Tail bin

    Batching systemBatch hopper,Mixing machine
    Burning systemAsh bucket,Pump calcine tube,Hopper
    Dedusting systemDedusting's Pipeline and Elbow
    ChemicalTransporting material systemHopper,Silo
    Dedusting systemDedusting's Pipeline and Elbow
    Processing equipmentVibromill liner
    CoalCoal handling system

    Bucket wheel machine,Coal Hopper

    ,Coal Feeder,Silo

    Coal washing systemHydrocyclone
    MiningTransporting material systemHopper,Silo

    Chemshun wear resistant liner tile package pictures :

    Pingxiang chemshun ceramic tile packed in cartons pingxiang chemshun welded tile packed in cartons  Chemshun ceramics package

    Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

    Product PDF Brochure Download

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