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Product Name:Chemlok Glue For Vulcanization (252X)

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      Chemlok glue water mainly for all kinds of rubber and metal substrate meterials glued togeter by hot vulcanization .
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    Chemlok Glue for vulcanization (252X)

    1: Application 

    Widely make all kinds of rubber and metal substrate meterials glued togeter by hot vulcanization .Rubber includes natural rubber, polyisoprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, neoprene, nitrile rubber,butyl rubber and EPDM rubber.; substrate: carbon steel. Steel, stainless steel. aluminum. copper. Copper alloys, magnesium and zinc and other metals as well as plastics and textile fibers.

    2: Chemlok Glue property:

        1) Appearance : Black liquid

        2) Viscosity: 250 cps (Brookfield LVT, 2 # rotor, 30 rev / min, 25 ℃). 

        3) Solid content: 22.0 to 24.0% (by weight)

        4) Density : 0.953 ~ 0.989

        5) Shelf life: at the end of open container (25 ℃) 12 months

    3: Instructions for use

        1) Surface treatment: mechanical method (blasting) degreasing, or chemical treatment.

        2) Dilution: direct coating may be diluted. If the actual operational needs, it    

          can also be diluted with an appropriate amount of the aforementioned diluent.

        3) Mixing: The thoroughly stirred prior to coating, to achieve uniform mixing before use.

        4) Coating: by brushing or roll coating. Dipping. Transfer method CH252X uniformly coated on the substrate surface metal.

        5) Glue dry film thickness :( dry) 12 ~ 25u, bonding vulcanized rubber 

        6) Drying: drying at room temperature at least 45 minutes

        7) Parking: vulcanization immediately after drying if necessary, it can be parked for a long time, but to avoid contamination.

        8) Cure: Depending on the vulcanization condition of materials

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