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Product Name:Ceramic Tile Liners

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      Alumina Ceramic Tiles with dimples or with inner-lock are popularly used in pulley laggings or vulcanized rubber ceramic liners.
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    Alumina Ceramic Tile Liners

    Chemshun rectangle alumina tiles with dimples or with inner-lock are popularly used in pulley laggings or vulcanized rubber ceramic liners.

    Alumina ceramic tile introduction:

    Chemshun Alumina Tiles are used as lining with the advantage of wear resistent, impact resistent, easy operation, etc., is ideal surface wear resistent material of material transfer equipment in iron & steel works, thermal & power plants, mine, etc. Trades and can extend the operating life of equipment effectively. It is widely used as a tile mat lining in conveying engineering to protect the belts in the mining industry and agriculture, etc.

    Raw Material:

    Alumina wear resistant ceramic products are made from the high purity, super fine and single narrow particle high-quality grain alumina powder, which is spray-dried processing, formed by cold isostatic pressing, firing on 1520 ~1650 temperature. Subject to Al2O3 content difference, we have 92% or 95% alumina ceramics.

    Advantage of the material:

    1) High hardness. Its Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90 and the Moh's hardness is up to 9 grade which is only less than diamond. And its abrasion-resistant is better than steel and stainless steel.

    2) Superior abrasion-resistance. Its abrasion-resistance is 171.5times of Chrome steel and 260 times of manganese steel materials and as per our customers' feedback, it could prolong the service life of equipment for more than 10 years under same working conditions.

    3) Light weight. Its density is 3.6-3.75g/cm3, it is only half the weight of steel and could reduce the load on equipment.

    Alumina Rectangle Tile Liner

    Product Technical Data(1:wear resistant ceramic)

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