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Alumina Ceramic Rubber Wear Liner

Alumina Ceramic Rubber Wear Liner

Alumina Ceramic rubber wear liner pads Unlike other ceramic varieties of wear-resistant ceramic products, the use of hot-pressed high-alumina ceramic and rubber together.  Compared with this kind of special ceramic, it not only has the advantages of ceramic high hardness, but also has the impact resistance of rubber.

The production process of alumina ceramic rubber wear liner is also more complicated, but his impact capability and wear resistance are obviously improved, which is completely suitable for the wear-resistant equipment of bulk material delivery system in various industries. The main applicable industries are coal-fired power plants, cement plants, blast furnace plants and other industries that require high impact surface hosts.

rubber backed ceramic wear tilesCeramic Rubber Hose95%Al2O3 Ceramic Rubber Wear Liner With Bolt
rubber backed ceramic wera tilesceramic rubber hoseceramic rubber wear liner with bolt
rubber backed ceramic wear tiles specially for wear area with high impact and wear chute liner, hopper liner .[more]Ceramic Rubber Hose is combine ceramics with rubber together, which is more wear resistant and flexible in application.[more]Chemshun Alumina Ceramic tile liner vulcanized as ceramic rubber sheet widely used in coal and minerial industiral.[more]
Hex Rubber Ceramic Wear PlateSquare Ceramic Rubber ComponentRubber Ceramic Wear Liner
hex rubber ceramic wear platesquare ceramic rubber componentRubber Ceramic  Wear Liner
Hex Ceramics Rubber Linings The major applicable industries are Coal fired power plants, cement plants, .[more]Square Alumina ceramic lining pieces vulcanized in rubber as impact resistant material[more]Chemshun rubber ceramic wear liner is impact resistant for coal, ores, sand, gravel, lime etc [more]
Ceramic Rubber Composite Liner  
ceramic rubber composite liner  
The Rubber ceramic liners is suitable for feeders, chutes, bins, transfer points, in conveyor systems, screen feed plates, mill discharge chutes, bunker etc.[more]  

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