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Wear-resistant Ceramic Elbow for Conveying Lithium Battery Powder

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In the production of lithium battery cathode materials, in order to ensure the purity of the material, the pipeline is usually made of PC tube, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other materials. Due to the reason of being washed by the mixture of wind powder, the powder conveying pipeline is seriously worn, especially the elbow part. Because the airflow changes direction on the side of the bend, the wear on the elbow is very serious, so it needs to be frequently replaced, which delays the production efficiency to a great extent.


In view of this working condition, Chemshun Ceramics has introduced a special ceramic elbow for the pneumatic conveying system of lithium electric powder.


The powder conveying elbow of lithium battery anode and cathode materials is composed of stainless steel tube, epoxy resin adhesive and wear-resistant ceramic. The overall wear-resistant ceramic ring is used as the inner lining and anti-wear layer. In particular, the wear-resistant ceramic tube is fired as a whole and installed in stainless steel elbow in sections. The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, good sealing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. The product is suitable for pneumatic conveying of powder, can run at 750℃ for a long time, can meet most working conditions, is more than 10 times the service life of ordinary pipe, is very popular in the market.




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